100Miler Finisher Club

It is a great accomplishment to finish a 100Miler - just once! We honour and reward riders that return to race the MATSA multiple times with an exclusive loyalty program. Riders that have finished the event Five times are awarded membership of the 100Miler Finisher Club. An annual breakfast is hosted on the day before the start of the race. It is a time to come together with fellow members of the prestigious club. The breakfast is open to all club members, including those not participating in the current year's race.
Five completed MATSA race grants membership to the Finisher Club.
In addition to a special certificate and medal to honour their achievement, club members receive benefits according to the number of races they have completed, such as:
An invitation to the annual 100Miler Breakfast for all members, not just those riding in the current year’s race
Additional limited 100Miler cycling jersey
A guaranteed free entry for the 6th MATSA100Miler after Five finishes.
In addition to the 100Miler Club

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