Oryx Endurance Event Management is excited to announce the launch of our rewards program. Over the years, Oryx Endurance has had incredible support from riders and from all over the South Africa and the time has come to reward this loyalty. Riders stand the chance to qualify for between 5% and 50% value back on their event entries, with the higher levels qualifying for even more benefits.
Many of our loyal supporters take part in multiple Oryx events in a calendar year. We want to give value back as a reward and offer a discount structure on the entry fees.
The level of value back offered is determined by the rider’s qualifying level. The opening levels are determined by the number of events the participant successfully completed during the last complete run of events.
This is a dynamic process and levels will change as the results of the different events are released. 

The levels work on a point system determined by the relative weight of an event compared to other events. The event weight is determined primarily by a combination of the distance and the level of difficulty. Please see the events and the respective weighting on the right.  New events will not automatically be included within the system. In some instances, it may take up to 12 months to introduce a current event to the portfolio. A maximum of 225 points can be obtained in a year (1 Jan - 31 Dec). Points is transferable to the next year. Note the pts awarded in the blue box is for the shorter distance of that specific race and the red box is the full distance of the specific race.  

Please see the level structure on the right in points with the qualifying discount for an entry.
Gritty   - 25 - 85 pts
Bold    - 90 - 220 pts
Heroic - 225+ pts


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