The official cut-off times will be announced on the event website, where applicable.
You will have 2 months post-race to claim any lost-and-found items.
Prizes and Prize Money
No prize money will be paid to any winners until an official notice has been issued by Oryx Endurance.
Please note that the win is provisional until all winning criteria are met which includes compliance to the event rules and regulations.
To be in contention for the prizes, the team or person has to finish the race.
The final decision lies with the race commissionaire panel.
Riders and teams must be present at prize giving to receive prizes or prize money. If they do not comply, they will forfeit their prizes or prize money.
No cancellation refunds will be allowed.
No transfers allowed unless otherwise states by Oryx Endurance Event Management
Entries & Briefing
Online entries will be on a first come first served basis.
Your entry is only guaranteed once full payment is received.
Please note if your entry should not be paid by the promotional deadline date your entry will be removed from the system.
Race registration venue(s) and time(s) will be indicated on the website.
All riders must report to registration, whether participating as a solo rider or a team, and bring any form of ID with a photograph.
Riders need to register by the deadline indicated on the website.
Pre-race briefing venue and time will be indicated on the website.
All riders need to be in good health and well-trained.
Riders need to complete the online medical form before participating in the race, if applicable.
If the race organizers receive advice from the official race medic/doctor regarding any rider, the decision to prevent the rider from continuing/participating lies with the race organizer and will be final.
Please ensure that your mountain bike is in safe working condition at the start of the race/start of each stage otherwise you will not be allowed to start.
As per Oryx Endurance ruling E-bikes, Tandem bikes and Gravel Bikes will be allowed to enter or participate in events, but not in contention for podium positions.
Each rider is responsible for the maintenance of his/her own bike for the duration of the race.
In all cases of maintenance and repairs, riders are required to complete the full distance of the stage.
Time spent on maintenance and repairs will not affect the cut-off times of the race.
Helmets and Clothing
Each rider must wear a helmet at all times while riding during the race.
All helmets must comply with international „SNELL‟ & „ANSI‟ standards.
Appropriate riding attire, including a shirt, must be worn at all times.
No rider may wear any original or replica version of a leader jersey from a previous staging of the race.
No rider may display or reproduce the official event logo or any derivative thereof on any riding attire and/or team clothing without the written approval of the race organizers, which should be obtained prior to any such riding attire or team clothing being manufactured.
Riders must display their race numbers at all times.
Bike numbers must remain firmly fixed on the front of the bike, and may not be obscured by cables or any other item.
Race numbers may not be modified or mutilated in any way, including cutting, adding stickers, removing existing stickers or trimming.
No official race sponsor logos may be removed from race numbers and/or be obscured in any way.
Bike number boards remain the property of Oryx Endurance Sport Event Management, thus it should be returned.
Podium finishers and overall category leaders must be present at the awards ceremony and the evening awards ceremony as advertised in the event programme, including the final ceremony.
Differential start zones can be allocated according to overall ranking in a race, and the organizers may allocate different (i.e. “staggered”) start times for each starting zone.
The seeded starting zones will close strictly 5 minutes before their start time.
Riders arriving late must start at the back of the field.
Riders are not allowed to start in a different seeding batch than the one that was allocated to them – failure to comply will result in a DNF result.
Prohibited Equipment
The race organizers may at any time prohibit any other item of equipment at their discretion.
Race Timing
The race start time will be announced on the website.
If any start time has to be changed, notice hereof will be conveyed at the compulsory race briefing or via WhatsApp.
The team time is determined as the time at which the last team member passes the stage finish line.
No rider may carry more than 1 timing transponder at any time, and no rider may pass their transponder on to another rider at any time,
unless otherwise stated.
Riders will not be allowed to start late.
The race cut off remains the same even in case of a late start.
It is the rider’s responsibility to return the number board and timing transponder, failing to do so will lead to a non-completion status and a penalty fee will apply.
Traffic Regulations
There will be no road closures, private or public, unless otherwise stated.
All general traffic regulations must be adhered to at all times during the race.
South African regulations require everyone to drive/ride on the left hand side of the road.
Nutrition and Hydration
Riders retain the ultimate responsibility to carry enough water and nutrition with them.
The race organizers will provide water, energy drinks and supplements at official water points on the route.
Spectator and technical zones will be indicated on route maps/website before the start of the race.
Any non-official support vehicles will not be allowed on the route and all official support vehicles will be allowed at the designated points.
If any non-official support vehicle can be linked to a specific rider, it will result in a time penalty, with a second offence resulting in immediate disqualification.
Supporters may drive their own vehicles along public roads to reach vantage points to vocally support riders
Medical Assistance
Medical assistance will be supplied on route in the form of medics and at the finish venue(s) in the form of medics and a doctor.
The race doctor and his medical team reserves the right to prevent any rider from continuing the race if it deems necessary.
Their decision is final.
Teams or riders that cannot continue the race for whatever reason must immediately inform the race office.
This can be done at the race start, the finish, water points or by calling the Oryx emergency number (063 777 4766).
Should any rider or team fail to inform the race office of his/her/its withdrawal, and should a search and rescue operation be initiated for such rider or team, the cost of the search and rescue will be for the account of that rider or team. Should a rider or a team withdraw from a race without informing Oryx Endurance Event Management, entry fees will not be paid back to the rider or team, neither will their entry carried over to the following year. If a rider or a team withdraw with a medical condition, the rider or team must submit a medical certificate at prior to a race.
Should any member of a team be incapable of finishing the race, his or her team partner will be entitled to continue riding in the race and may qualify as a finisher, but will not qualify for any rankings.
A rider that withdraws during the race must please convey his/her intentions to the nearest marshal or contact 0637774766.
A sweep vehicle will transport all withdrawals and their bicycles to the finish venue.
Environmental and Ethical
Riders are urged to respect the environment at all times during the race by following these rules, in particular:
Do not throw away water bottles, packaging or bike spares;
do not deviate from the route;
and/or do not smoke at any point on the route as this is not permitted.
Any protest must be submitted in writing to the Chief Race Commissaire within 20 minutes of your finish time.
Always carry a mobile phone, fully charged, and programmed with all he emergency numbers supplied at race registration.
Please ensure that both riders carry a phone.
We recommend that each rider carry a first aid kit consisting of the following:
1 x stretch bandage
2 x dressings
Adhesive plasters
Foil survival blanket
Sun block with a minimum SPF factor of 20.
Each rider is responsible for his own personal medication as prescribed by his physician.
Please consult the race medical team if doubt about the legality thereof.
We cover areas populated by honey bees, if you are in any way allergic to bee stings it is of paramount importance that you at all times carry your prescribed medication on you person.
If you are not sure about your allergy status, please consult our race medical team at registration.
A minimum of 2.5 liter of fluid to be carried by each rider.
Bike repair tools:
Spare tubes
Multi tool
Replacement derailleur hanger
Inflation device (pump etc)
Code of Conduct
We urge all riders to display good sportsmanship throughout the duration of a race by keeping to the following guidelines:
Not use offensive or abusive language during the race;
act in an unsporting manner;
be disrespectful to the officials or fellow riders;
or ignore the race regulations.
Tech Zone Support
The race organizers will provide designated tech zones for the use of riders at own cost.
Equipment checked in for a specific tech zone will be transported to that tech zone only and cannot be moved to any other tech zone during the stage.
No rider may use the equipment of any other team deposited at a tech zone without the consent of that other team given at the tech zone at the time. Teams wishing to share their equipment deposited at the tech zones with any other team must declare this in writing to the commissaire before the start of the race.
Approval hereof needs to be received.
Water points
The race organizers will not be liable for any tampering with rider’s water bottles.
The water point nutrition tables are self-service stations and it is the rider’s responsibility to collect his/her own bottle.
Discretion of the Commissaire and Race Organizers
Where any additional rule interpretation is required in these rules, the decision of the commissaries and race organizers will be final. 

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